Academic and public sources

Academic and public sources.

In the last  unit, we discussed the creation of body paragraphs for your research paper.  Now with the feedback, you should have a good idea of the revision needed.  Are there more points you need or some added verbiage needed  to  further support your thesis, along with the evidence you will use to support those points?

Think about the process so far and feel free to use this writing as a reflection upon what you have experienced so far in the course. You might want to consider some of the questions below, but you are not required to answer all of them. Remember, as always, that this discussion should be a positive and constructive experience for everyone. The idea is that you reflect upon the process so that you understand it, understand yourself as a new student writer, and understand the challenges and successes you experience.

What do you think is your strongest point? What do you think is your weakest? Do you think the scope of your project is narrowed down efficiently? How are you feeling about the process? What do you think about the structure of the body paragraphs? Does the structure seem too restrictive or helpful and guiding? Looking back on some of the materials that you have read, can you see the structures that we have discussed in the course so far? Do you see differences between academic and public sources in terms of how the paragraphs are constructed?

Academic and public sources

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