American History through the Civil War

This writing assignment needs to be reflective from the specific readings/slides I’ve provided. Referring back to the sources and answering the list of questions is the main goal. It CAN be in essay format but it is not required, the questions just need to be answered in accordance to the word count requested.
Here is the link for the digital book:
The assigned pages to read were 29-60. I will also be forwarding you additional readings required to answer these questions.

These are the questions:
1. What does Bender mean by the concept of “Ocean world” and how does that complicate the old formulation of “New World?”
2. Why is it important to understand the European invention of the word Negro or simply “black” to describe Africans in the 16th C?
3. I would like you to identify what Taylor considers the central tension in writing about Pre-Columbian America (hint, he mentions it on pg. 4)
4. According to Alan Taylor, what was the background to and reasons behind Bacon’s Rebellion? I would also like you to connect it to the Edmund Morgan Thesis that is in the powerpoint.
5. What does Richard Frethorne’s letter say about the lives of indentured servants? Does it conform to Taylor’s depiction?