Analytical and interpretive preciseness– how was analysis done?

Analytical and interpretive preciseness– how was analysis done?.

I am enrolled in the Univ. of Phoenix online RN to BSN program. I would like some assistance with a paper for week 5 of the class. It is a power point (10-15 slides) and here is some of the criteria. Qualitative Definitions for Individual Assignment

1. Descriptive vividness– the extent to which the qualitative research describes the phenomena… paints a picture of what the person is experiencing

2. Methodological congruence— was the correct method used, including sampling, data collection, analysis, and findings…

3. Analytical and interpretive preciseness– how was analysis done? how was reliability and validity established?

4. Philosophical or theoretical connectedness— was a there an identified theory from which the study was done? was this theory related to a research tradition? Was the design of the research based on this philosophical or theoretical framework?

5. Heuristic Relevance– Do the findings provide a credible reflection of reality? Do the findings address the purpose of the study? Do the findings offer new and useful information regarding the phenomena under study?


Which topic did you choose? Why?

I chose the topic of nurse satisfaction in magnet hospitals and does the nurse manager influence their satisfaction. As the trend towards more BSN trained nurses increases, I am eager to see the number of hospitals aiming for and achieving Magnet status. Part of obtaining this status means having a high percentage of BSN prepared nurses. What factors are significant to a nurse to reflect nurse satisfaction? I suspect there is a strong correlation between effective leadership and staff satisfaction.

Which three databases will you use? (choose the databases from UOP library)

1. Ebscohost (Cinahl Complete)

2. ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source

3. Nursing @ Ovid

Search each database, using key words, for relevant research on this subject. What key words did you use in the Search Strategy fields? Include all attempts and limitations used to refine your search.

1. Ebscohost (Cinahl Complete) – Magnet hospital leadership staff satisfaction, Magnet hospital and nurse satisfaction

2. ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source — staff nurse perception of manager job satisfaction, satisfaction with leadership in Magnet hospital

3. Nusing @ Ovid – is nurse satisfaction with leadership important for Magnet, staff nurse perception of manager job satisfaction, nurse satisfaction in Magnet hospital

Report the total number of articles found in each database using your search terms.

1. Ebscohost (Cinahl Complete) – 79, 70

2. ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source – 477, 126,

3. Nursing @ Ovid – 9790, 4015, 1963

Select one research article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal published within the last three years (must include a nurse as one of the authors)—or a germinal article which may contain an earlier publication date—and provide the citation in APA format here:

Bormann, L., & Abrahamson, K. (2014, April). Do staff nurse perceptions of nursing leadership behaviors influence staff nurse job satisfaction? The case of a hospital applying for Magnet designation. The Journal of Nursing Administration, 44(4), 219-225.

Answer the following questions using your selected research article:

1.Is this qualitative or quantitative? What is the study design? What criteria did you use to determine the study design? This is a quantitative research study and it was a descriptive and correlational design. A descriptive study describes analysis data to reveal patterns that summarize similarities and differences between populations. A correlational study is used to examine whether it is positive or negative and the strength of relationships among variables. Some of the correlational variables were the different types of leadership styles of nurse managers and the level of satisfaction with each. Additional criteria included number of years of clinical experience, full time versus part time status, and their highest level of academic preparation.

2.How did you confirm that the journal you selected was peer-reviewed or germinal? This article was selected from the University of Phoenix Library and I used a filter for peer-reviewed. Additionally, according to “The Journal Of Nursing Administration” (2015), “All articles are peer-reviewed, selected and developed with the guidance of a distinguished group of editorial advisors.”

3.Does this research article generate support for evidence-based practice? If not, state why it does not. Please review the critical appraisal guideline on pg. 466-480.

Yes, this article generates support for evidenced-based practice (EBP). The purpose of the study was to investigate the “relationship between staff nurse perception of nurse manager leadership behavior and nurse job satisfaction in a hospital on the Magnet journey.” (Bormann & Abrahamson, 2014, para.2 ). Following the critical appraisal guidelines within the textbook, the authors gathered information using the research methods that had been approved by the institutional review board from the hospital site and the supporting university. (Bormann & Abrahamson, 2014, para 7).

Analytical and interpretive preciseness– how was analysis done?

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