Are you already familiar with APA form and style?

Are you already familiar with APA form and style?.

International Marketing Environment
Globalization has been instrumental in transforming not only global political and economic
landscapes and the international dynamics of power, but also redefining international power
(Torres, 2011). This rapid change in the economic and political landscape directly influences the
international marketing process. This assignment creates a global awareness and introduces you
to international marketing and its dynamic environment. It also explores the role of international
institutions and how the various policies affect international marketing.
Furthermore, many items must be considered as you attempt to take an organization into the
global marketplace. Leaders adopt various orientations to their international marketing strategy.
Creating a global strategy using the ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric or geocentric
orientations may produce positive or negative impacts. Understanding these various management
orientations is vitally important, particularly when creating a global marketing strategy.
1. Review the resources listed in the Books and Resources area below to prepare for this week’s
2. Complete the following Spotlight on Skills if you need assistance with the tools used to
complete your assignments.
Spotlight on Skills: APA Form and Style
Throughout this course, and others here at Northcentral University, you are required to follow
APA form and style when preparing assignments. If you are unfamiliar with APA form and style,
take this tutorial: The Basics of APA Style. Are you already familiar with APA form and style?
Keep up with the 2010 changes by taking this tutorial: What’s New in the Sixth Edition. Check
out this blog for deeper discussions and examples: APA Style Blog. You can visit: Frequently
Asked Questions About APA Style.

BOOK & Resources:
Czinkota, M. R., & Ronkainen, I. A. (2013) International

Read Chapters 1 and 2

Are you already familiar with APA form and style?

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