Assignment 3.1: Building Matrices

Assignment 3.1: Building Matrices

The purpose of creating a matrix of a research article is to help you organize your thoughts and to get you started with the process of critique.


Locate a minimum of ten primary research articles in response to your PICO(T) question.

Using the Matrix Template (Word) fill in the matrix using the research articles you found build a 1.5–2 page matrix for each article. 

Please see the attached template, my 10 articles, and the additional resources articles.

You will need to review the statistics PowerPoint from Week 2 group work instructions to assist you in evaluating quantitative designs.

The matrix is much like a comprehensive note card that should contain the basic information of the research.

You are creating a shortcut version of the key elements of the article for your future use in synthesizing the literature.

Additional Resources

The following articles will help you evaluate any qualitative designed research articles you may encounter: