Assignment Instructions:

You are a newly appointed HR Director for a Multi-National Company setting up a manufacturing facility in the greater Dublin area. Your first job is to develop a HR plan for their start-up strategy in 2017. The business plan is to expand the work force from an initial start-up team of 10 employees to a fully functioning manufacturing facility producing Clothes Pegs employing 100 people. This involves the hiring of the initially 10 department managers, engineers and supervisors in January 2017, and an expansion of the work force over the following 6 month with a production start up date of July 1, 2017.Your plan will include the recruitment of the recruitment of all personnel required for the start-up date.

You are asked to research, prepare and present a report on the HR plan to support this business objective. Your report and presentation should address the following areas;

A brief outline of the company profile including business objectives
An analysis of the Irish/Dublin Labour Markets from which you will be hiring for each position
A detailed HR Plan of activities for Job Analysis, Recruitment & Selection, Pay & Benefits, and Training & Development to support the expansion.


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