BACHI Barcelona company National and international shipments

BACHI Barcelona company National and international shipments.

This essay entails a reflection on the BACHI Barcelona company and how it conducts its National and international shipments operations. BACHI Barcelona company is the highest distributor of the leather and woolen bags in and out of the country. They are entitled to comfortability.

BACHI Barcelona company National and international shipments

Final paper for my project management class. The specifics are as follows. BACKGROUND BACHI Barcelona  is a company that sells medium-high range handbags and accessories for men and women. This project has been created by two friends, Meritxell and Nuria, passionate about fashion and fully orientated to the satisfaction of their customers through their products, and it has been in the market for one year.

These two enterprising women have a common idea: to create comfortable accessories but without sacrificing innovative designs. Therefore, their products seek differentiation through originality, because their patterns are visible both inside and outside of the bags, thereby creating a different product. BACHI Barcelona stands out for online sales through a website that tries to be intuitive and with a high navigability whilst, of course, gaining visibility for their bags and accessories.

In addition, it has the following services. Complete catalogue of their accessories for online sale. Filtering by categories and price system, to customize searches. Offers and temporary discounts on some products.  However, they offer several promotions with free deliveries. National and international shipments (European Union), although they are still not very clear how to penetrate international markets.

Blog report

“Stories by Bachi” blog, where they report announcements and related news. – Newsletter service (previous subscription with welcome gift). – Access to their social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They both have extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and new trends. Also, they have earned a degree in Law, so they have great knowledge in legal matters.

High involvement, enthusiasm, desire to grow and meet the needs of customers in the fashion and accessories sector. – They have external consultants in different areas such as Marketing, Community Manager, Web Positioning, Accounting, Photography, Web Programming or Modelling. – Clear awareness of the importance of the presence of BACHI Barcelona in social media to obtain a good position in the market. Low bargaining power of the price of the deliveries until they start getting a higher number of orders.

BACHI Barcelona company National and international shipments

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