BUS 517 Discussion Response To Student

BUS 517 Discussion student post responses.

Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:

• As we learned in Week 6, your Project Sponsor and customer informed you that you have to deliver your project much sooner than anticipated. When you break the news to your team, they are not happy with the decision for they are concerned that the project will now fail. Using the information that you learned from readings, what can you do as a leader to ensure your project team that this is the right thing to do? What will you do to motivate them?

KR’s post states the following:

In breaking the news to my team that the Project Sponsor and customer of the project is requesting the delivery of the project much sooner than anticipated, they were not happy. Many were concerned about the possibility of the project failing. As the Project Leader I advised the team that our project will be delivered within the new time line requested and all objectives and goals will be achieved. I provided encouragement to the entire team that will skill set the team has combined we will be able to meet our new time line. I reinforced the objectives and vision of the project and intervened to resolve possible conflicts and prevent stalemates.

I informed them that we would review the budget to identify impact this will have and to ensure that additional funding is provided in key areas, as well as additional resources would be made available to ensure that the project is delivered as per customer request.

Team members will be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments throughout the project.