CE7112 Concrete CW Marking

CE7112 Concrete CW Marking.

Prof Costas Georgopoulos March 2020 1 of 1
CE7112 Concrete CW Marking Sheet 2020

Section Comments / Feedback Mark (of 100)
3.1 Conceptual Design (30pp) = 30 marks
3.1i (20): two distinct and viable design
solutions to include sketches, layouts, load
paths, framing and stability. Brief notes on
construction methodology.
3.1ii (2): Advantages / disadvantages, cost
/ buildability and recommendation
3.1iii (2): Foundation scheme and rational
for the selection
3.1iv (1): Specification concrete and rebar
3.1v (1): Method statement
3.1vi (2): Robustness
3.1vii (2): letter to the client
3.2 Verification of Structural viability (60pp) = 30 marks
3.2 (30): Calculations (+ Appendices);
sufficient elements for taking off
quantities; validation of computer output
with approx. hand calculations
3.3 Drawings (3 A3 by hand or CAD) = 30 marks
3.3 (3X10 = 30): general arrangements,
sections, elevations, layout, dimensions,
sizes, appropriate scale and reinforcement.
Notes to an 11pt font. Details in third
drawing. All good for estimating quantities
3.4 Sustainability Report = 10 marks
3.4 (10): material efficiency, resilience,
sustainability credentials of concrete incl.
fire; all specific to this project.
TOTAL (of 100 marks) =
70% of Total = Group Mark
PRESENTATIONS (group mark) = 30 marks
30marks: 4.1(i) i.e. two distinct and viable
solutions (20) + narrative (10). Quality of
presentations will be taken into account.
So presentations are marked out of 30%

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CE7112 Concrete CW Marking

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