Clearly state target audience using demographics.

Clearly state target audience using demographics..

Develop a marketing and media plan to launch the Amazon Echo Dot in Singapore targeted at a specific audience based on your analysis of a market opportunity. You are free to add/drop product features as per the strategic opportunity and the specific needs of Singaporean consumers.

Note that with zero development, raw materials, and distribution costs for the product, the seed funding can be spent entirely on the media dissemination.

Base the arguments on your understanding of the Singaporean context, in addition to secondary information collected. Analyze the business opportunity:

a) Analyze market and competition with a SWOT (10 marks)
b) Conduct a segmentation analysis using perceptual maps. (15 marks)
c) State the marketing, advertising, and media objectives (15 marks)
d) Clearly state target audience using demographics. (5 marks)
e) Develop a creative campaign which includes a creative brief (benefit, support, brand character) Focus on the relationship between the objectives and the brief. Submit a draft (quick & rough) creative execution. (15 marks)
f) Develop a media plan that addresses the target consumer needs and stated objectives. Utilize media rate cards to develop the media plan. The plan may consist of, but need not be limited to: media objectives, budget allocation by media classes, media plan flowchart, and scheduling plan. Provide reasons for your choices. (30 marks)
g) Provide an evaluation plan. (10 marks)
NOTE: State your assumptions when data are unavailable. (Total: 100 marks)

Clearly state target audience using demographics.

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