Computed variables

Computed variables.

You have collected the following information on some participants in a diet program:

(3) Reading the following data Jines, create a SAS data set using column input Include in this data set three computed variables called BMCINIT (BMl stands for body mass: index), BMLFINAL, and BMLDIFF. Computed BMI is a person’s weigh’ (ill kilograms) divided by their height (in meters) squared. To convert pounds to kilograms, divide by 2.2; to convert inches to meters, multiply by .0254. BMLDIFF is BMIJINAL minus BMCINIT.

(b) Print out a listing of this data set in subject number order. Include in the listing only the variables SUBJ, HEIGHT, BMLINJT, BMIJINAL, and BMLDIFF. Here is some sample data for you to use:

Computed variables

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