Course pursuing ____Advanced gas dyanmics

Course pursuing ____Advanced gas dyanmics.


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  1. Course pursuing ____Advanced gas dyanmics_________________________________________________
  2. Topic of the assignment _____2D flow simulation__________________________________________
  3. Any particular case study / company / article / software to be taken ______________Already sent _____________________________________________________
  4. Any particular reading module or material required while doing the assignment ________________ALREADY ATTACHED___________________________________________________
  5. Referencing style to be used _________MLA Format ___________________________________
  6. Word limit _____NONE _____________________________________________________
  7. Rubrics attached (Y/N) ________N/A________________________________________
  8. Number of minimum references to be used __________3______________________
  9. Format to be followed _______NONE__________________________________________
  10. Other specifications or requirements _____NONE________________________________


Pictures of the contours and a description of what they indicate and mean for the starting and opertating conditions. No formal report is needed just a descriptive analysis of what is occurring in the simulation is needed. This is used to compare my results.

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Course pursuing ____Advanced gas dyanmics

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