Critical Reflective Analysis Paper

Critical Reflective Analysis Paper.


Guidelines to assist reflective writing:

Occasion for reflection: (an experience – seen, read, heard) Presents experience through use of concrete, sensory language, quotations and narrative accounts Shows depth of thought Indicates creativity Reflection ( exploration and analyzes) Reveals feelings and thoughts through presentation of the experience Conveys evidence of a personal response to the experience Enables reader to understand the abstract ideas underlying the reflection through use of specific detail Demonstrates good meta-cognition Writing Strategies Uses convincing language and scenarios to detail reflection Uses comparison and imagery Enhances reflection through contrasting and explaining possibilities Makes inferences

Develops new ways of reflecting upon nursing and nursing practice Coherence and style: Demonstrates insight through natural flow of ideas Provides an effective conclusion Presents ideas in natural progression !Unexpected End of FormulaCritical Reflective Analysis In developing your genogram and learning plan you were required to collect significant personal data that has influenced your lifestyle and consequently your personal health and wellness. Looking at this information and your personal learning plan a meaningful event must have come to mind. This event would have been an incident that probably impacted your lifestyle in a negative fashion; as an example a divorce, an accident or a sudden death of a family member from familial links. How did this affect your overall health using the six dimensions of wellness? How does the research support the findings? What does this mean for you?

With the knowledge you have gained how has this changed your perspective? Why? What changes will you make? Using the LEARN headings write a critical analyses highlighting the abstract ideas underlying your reflection. Use specific details and at least three references to defend your conclusions. LEARN Headings Look Back Present a meaningful event Outline event concisely Elaborate Summarize event in detail (what happened, who was involved, where the event occurred, your involvement) Describe personal feelings and perceptions of self and others Analyze Identify one key issue to analyze Use literature as a guide with at least 3 evidence based journal articles Compare and contrast the event with knowledge acquired in reading Discuss the new perspective (view) you have acquired through the literature Revise Refer back to your acquired knowledge and analysis Explain how you would preserve or change your perspective Discuss rationale for considering the change in your life Suggest alternative strategies you are presently using as a result of this analysis

Critical Reflective Analysis Paper

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