CSCI 1015 Programming Assignment

CSCI 1015 Programming Assignment.

CSCI 1015 Programming Assignment (Pass11)

Background: Computer Science Space Exploration (CSSE)

For this assignment, Richard is interested in having his elite software engineers design a program to summarize information about Rainfall in Florida.

Purpose of Program

Use classes and Arrays.

Required Reading

Read chapter 7 from the Gaddis textbook and presentation slides from unit 11.


Note: Some data input to this program and some program output depends on <your name>. If you do not use your name as required, points will be deducted for this assignment.

Rainfall class:

  1. Write a RainFall class that stores the total rainfall for each of 12 months into an array of doubles.
  1. The program should have methods that return the following:
  1. the total rainfall for the year
  2. the average monthly rainfall
  3. the month with the most rain the month
  4. the month with the least rain

RainFallDemo Class (main method)

  1. Demonstrate the class in a complete program. (See example output)
  2. The RainFall Demo program should read the following data from a text file into an array.


  1. Input Validation: Do not accept negative numbers for monthly rainfall figures.

Notes and Comments

  • Remember that the project name is pass11 and the Java file name will be < your last name> with pass11. As an example the Java filename will be ProgrammerPass11.Java.
  • Make sure you have good comments throughout your program that include your name, CSCI 1015, Programming Assignment 9, the purpose of the program, and the main program logic.
  • Create a UML class diagram, flowchart or pseudo-code, submit your design documentation to the dropbox as lastnameUML… You may use Word, Visio, Raptor, or a scanned hand drawn flowchart.
  • You need to submit the following to the D2L drop box: .java file <my last name> and the RainFall.Java file.

If your program cannot be compiled (any error), zero points will be assigned.

Example Output

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CSCI 1015 Programming Assignment

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