Cyber Security Planning And Management

Cyber Security Planning And Management.

  • Week 13 – DiscussionA digital forensics professional must know basic IT skills, understand computer architecture and networking, and have analytical and investigative skills, as well as strong attention to detail. Why do think all of these skills are necessary? Please explain. (250-300 words)
  • AssignmentResearch Assignment – Wk 13Law enforcement professionals and investigators use digital forensic methods to solve crimes every day. Locate one current news article that explains how investigators may have used these techniques to solve a crime. Explain the crime that was solved and the methods used to determine how the crime was committed. Some examples of crimes solved may include locating missing children, finding criminals who have fled the scene of a crime, or unsolved crimes from the past that have been solved due to the use of new techniques (such as DNA testing).

    Your written assignment should be 3-4 paragraphs in your own words, and should include a reference citation for your source of information.

Week 13 Discussion – SNMP

In no less than 250 words, explain the different security measures that each version of SNMP uses.  What is the different between SNMPv1, v2c and v3?

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Cyber Security Planning And Management

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