Define your own interpretation of the community/ English

Define your own interpretation of the community/ English.

1. Write a summary about the CBPR model:

Define your own interpretation of the Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) model. If you were about to introduce this model to a group of public health students, how would you define the CBPR model.
Summarize the major principles of the CBPR model. Although, you read about these principles in your Methods in Social Epidemiology text, expand and read beyond the text about these principles. To prepare this summary, read Holkup, Tripp-Reimer, Salois, and Weinerts Community-Based Participatory Research: An Approach to Intervention Research with a Native American Community,” in Advances in Nursing Science.
After you have prepared your summary, think on the application of these principles:
A) Are these principles applicable to some of the communities that you know?
B) Are these principles applicable to your own community?
C) How can these principles lead your research on the community? Explain.

2. Applying the CBPR model:

After your summary, write one paragraph about how you would use the model as a public health professional

A) Discuss the process of using the CBPR model. What are the major elements that you need to take into account during this process?
B) What benefits do you oversee in using the model?
C) Do you perceive any difficulties in the implementation of the CBPR model?

3. The benefits of the use of the Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) model in building community partnerships:

Now that you are more familiar with the CBPR model, focus on one of the major benefits of the model namely, building partnerships. To help you with this step in your discussion, do the following:

Use the Internet to research and find practical applications of working together through successful partnerships. Connect the ideas presented in your research with your points 1 and 2 above. Try to describe how the research helped you better understand the benefits and ways of using the CBPR model and see the application of the model more clearly.

4. Prepare a conclusion:

In your own words summarize your work in this discussion by integrating the major concepts and applications of CBPR research model, indicating what you have learned in this discussion, and explaining how you intend to use these concepts in your daily practice of public health.
Also share with the group whether CBPR is a new concept for you and how you would apply it in the future.

Define your own interpretation of the community/ English

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