Democracy Paper Instructions

Democracy Paper Instructions

Democracy Paper Instructions, Write a 3-4 page essay (800 words, not including the title page and bibliography) that answers the following questions:

1. Compare and contrast the elements of American democracy with the critiques or support of democracy presented by ancient and classical political theorists. How was the American Founding influenced by ancient/classical political theory when establishing our democratic republic?

2. In light of America’s influence by ancient and classical political thinkers, should a Christian support or critique democracy as a political regime, and why?


Democracy Paper Instructions


Formatting Requirements:

1. Include a title page in current Turabian format.

2. Font should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12. All margins should be 1”

3. Use current Turabian Author-Date style for all citations (i.e. parenthetical citation only—no footnotes). Paper must include a properly formatted bibliography in current Turabian Author-Date style.

4. Paper should be between 800 words (3-4 pages), not including the title page and bibliography.

5. Page numbers should be included in the upper right-hand corner.

6. In addition to referencing the textbook and Scripture, paper must include 2-3 secondary sources to justify the student’s argument and/or conclusions.

7. Refer to Democracy Paper Rubric for other formatting requirements. Get Essay Writing Help