Demonstrates exceptional knowledge and understanding of the aspect of care

Demonstrates exceptional knowledge and understanding of the aspect of care.


I was doing my placement as a RN nurse student in the hospital (surgical ward).

· My patient name is X , Male 59 y.o he admitted for cholecystectomy. Pt with history of prostatectomy, left nephrectomy, hereditary spastic paraparesis.

· Indication for surgery is cholelithiasis and biliary colic, cholecystitis.

· I want you to find one aspect of nursing care for this post op case and follow the instructions and rubric with best available evidence on this aspect of care.

· You can see some examples for different cases down (it is just an example).

· And also I need references in text and list at least 6 sources.

· This paper need to be in first person.

Page of instruction is 2 pages.

1200 word written paper is the second part of assessment task 3. This paper requires you to examine one aspect of the nursing care provided to the individual whom you have presented in your oral presentation.

Some examples to get you thinking:

Perhaps, you are placed in aged care and are presenting a resident with dementia. You have noted that music therapy seems to be having a wonderful impact on this resident, therefore you may wish to explore the use of music therapy in dementia.

You may be presenting an individual admitted with asthma, however you note that he/she was only using a nebuliser rather than an inhaler with a spacer. Therefore, you might examine the evidence surrounding the use of spacers in the management of asthma.

The individual you presented on had a diagnosis of Parkinsons disease and your preceptor mentions to you that the timing of this individuals medications is of particular importance your paper therefore explores why this is the case.

We suggest you select a narrow aspect of care rather than a very broad topic as this allows you to add depth to your paper rather providing an overview.

The individual you presented in your oral presentation needs to remain as a central feature of your paper.

You should start with a brief introduction to the individual (remembering to protect the identity) and the context of care

then briefly explain why you selected this aspect of care (or the absence of an aspect of care).

You will then need to examine the best available evidence on this aspect of care

what does the current literature say about this topic? Was the care provided congruent with the evidence? On reflection did it differ, how and why?

Your conclusion should offer a statement on the impact your new learning will have on your future practice.

Demonstrates exceptional knowledge and understanding of the aspect of care

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