Describe a change that recently occurred in your workplace.

Describe a change that recently occurred in your workplace..

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It is important that you follow all instructions and respond to all questions detail as require. In text citation is require and proper APA format must be used to complete this assignment . For the PPT , you must read and follow closely the instructions associated with the questions .


The topic is Obesity, and you are required to submit a minimum of 10 slides PPT including a minimum of 50 words speaker notes per slides. For each slides, you should include a minimum of 5 bullets points and 50 words speaker notes. The bullets points should be in the slides and why the speaker notes should elaborates on them. A reference slide is also required at the end all in APA format. In text citation is critical and must be use throughout the entire assignment.

Submit a 10 slide Power Point presentation about Obesity In the United states.

– Give a brief background, but then be specific as to how public health is affected by Obesity.

– Make recommendations for health education and outreach regarding Obesity in the United States.


Write 400 words minimum in APA format responding to the situation below. It is important to clearly respond to the questions asked below showing clearly part 1 and 2. The similarity scores cannot be more than 15% and in text citation must be use .

As a leader in your nursing department, you must review the registered nurse practice act for the state in which you work: the guideline for each nurse who works in that state.

•Part 1:

?Locate Maryland states nurse practice act and summarize it.

?In your own words, post what the act says about the nurses responsibility when delegating care to unlicensed assistive personnel.

?What does the delegation language mean to you in regard to your own delegation of care to unlicensed assistive personnel?

•Part 2:

?Describe a change that recently occurred in your workplace.

?How did the staff react?

?From your…


Describe a change that recently occurred in your workplace.

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