developed to teach people to speed read

developed to teach people to speed read.


In recent years, several applications have
been developed to teach people to “speed read”—to read and
comprehend text at rates beyond the 200 to 400 words per minute
capability of the average reader. These applications are based on
presenting text to the user, one word at a time, at high rates of
speed. In this assignment, you will develop a speed reader system.

This assignment is based on;
you should read the description on that website, which also includes
a couple of sample implementations in Python.

You should be aware, though, that there are
differences between the requirements of this assignment and the one
described on the website. In particular, this assignment requires you
to control the presentation rate using a slider, it does not ask you
to present a “focus letter” in red and it does not call for you
to evaluate the effectiveness of the application using comprehension
tests. This assignment must be implemented in Processing and must not
require the installation of any libraries.


Implement a Processing program to present
text at rates of speed controlled by the user. The program should
present one word at a time, horizontally centered in the display
canvas; choose the vertical position for aesthetics and usability.
Store the text in a text file in the program’s data folder. A good
source for text is Project Gutenberg (
Your program should not assume pre-processing of the text file; in
other words, your program may not assume that each word is on a
separate line or that punctuation has been removed. I will test your
program with my own test file.

Your program must present words at rates
ranging from at least 120 words per minute to 500 words per minute.
Be sure the text does not drop out during display—in other words,
don’t display white space or isolated punctuation (such as dash).
While it’s not required, it would be a good idea to remove
punctuation from the text before starting display (use the String
remove function). For full credit, allow the user to control the
presentation rate dynamically using a slider—move the slider to the
right to increase the rate and to the left to decrease the rate.
Indicate the current slider position by a small button or cursor
inside the slider bar. The user should be able to click-drag the
mouse inside the slider to change the rate; the user should also be
able to click inside the slider bar to move the slider directly to
the mouse position. The slider should only respond when the left
mouse button is pressed and the mouse position is inside the slider
bar. Label the two ends of the slider appropriately (probably Slower
on the left and Faster
on the right). For a 15%
penalty, you may use up and down arrow keys to control the display
rate. For a 10% penalty, you may use buttons drawn on the canvas.

Display the current rate unobtrusively in
one corner of the canvas or inside the slider. If the rate is 400
words per minute or higher, display the rate in red. If the rate is
200 to 399 words per minute, display the rate in green. If the rate
is lower than 200 words per minute, display it in blue.

Allow the user to pause/restart the display
using space bar as a toggle. The application canvas should look
similar to the image below (this image shows the presentation rate
both inside the slider bar and in the lower left corner; you only
have to display the rate in one location).

Name your assignment Asn1; put the Asn1
Processing folder in the top level of your upload folder on trace by
5 minutes after class time on the due date. Be sure your program is
well documented internally.

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developed to teach people to speed read

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