Development of a personal and professional portfolio

Development of a personal and professional portfolio.

This is an assignment that focuses on the development of a personal and professional portfolio. This will also involve demonstrating various experiences from university.

Development of a personal and professional portfolio

Assignment Details and Instructions.

The assessment gives you the opportunity to produce a personal narrative reflecting your own experiences values, aspirations and skills development.
Your task is to develop a personal and professional portfolio – this can be presented as a portfolio in electronic form.  The portfolio MUST include a CV, and evidence that you have set, worked towards and reflected on three separate personal development goals.  Your portfolio will enable you to identify, and evidence, your developing talents for your next level of study and your future career, and will be based on your personal and professional progress over the academic year. You MUST include evidence of considerable engagement with the PPD process and demonstrate development of key personal and professional skills.

In your portfolio you should:

1.     Firstly, demonstrate how you have used your experience to learn about yourself during your first year at university. Additionally, the contributions and implications of this learning for your future professional development and career choices

2.     Secondly, clearly identify your personal strengths and areas that you need to develop in relation to your degree programme, your professional development. Also, the expectations of potential employers

3.     Thirdly, identify appropriate actions that you should take to enhance your personal qualities and competences in relation to your life, your university journey as an early career professional and your future career path

4.     Illustrate how you have developed AT LEAST three different skills and critically evaluate the learning strategies employed. This should include a description of how the learning needs arose and were identified as well as a rationale for the selection of the development strategies chosen to meet the needs and a critical review of their effectiveness.

Development of a personal and professional portfolio

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