Diabetes cause and effect paper

I prefer an MLA formatted essay. If you can please make a separate document with the resources you used as well. The paper does not necessarily need 6 resources, use as many as you may think are needed. try to use not necessary simple words, but words that won’t give away the act that this was written by a professional. Decide if you think it should be written about in a cause – three effects; one effect – three causes; or multiple cause/effect structure. either or is fine. I added a document as an example of what I want. if you need context, the main reason im doping this paper is because my teacher wanted us to do it on a topic that mattered to us. my sister is a Type 1 Diabetic, and i would do the paper on my own but I have so much made up work to do i need outside help to do it. im also adding an extra paper to show you the details i need for the heading