Did Toyota take a wrong turn?

Did Toyota take a wrong turn?.

The Case of Toyota Motor Company’s Recall Debacle: Did Toyota take a wrong turn? To be submitted in Unit Eight by Saturday at midnight. This is your Final Case study and a summative assessment of what you have leawrned; thus it requires thorough analysis.

The case study is attached as a Word Document (along with the questions) under Readings and Activities.

First analyze the case and then provide detailed answers to the seven (7) questions outlined in the Word Doc file. Then in Unit Eight, submit your analysis. The questions need to have complete academic data followed by observations based on your readings in the textbook, information from the Library, accredited websites, business journals, magazines and newspapers. This is a good case to test your knowledge since it covers several of the subjects we have reviewed in class.

The grading for this assignment will be based on the Assignment Grading Rubric (under Course Announcements). If needed when answering the questions use bullets to explain several points.

Did Toyota take a wrong turn?

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