Disability Awareness Board

Disability Awareness Board, get homework help at Top Grade Essay Writings

Disability Awareness Board

Disability Awareness Board

Students will present the disability topic selected for their research paper developed for ECH 375 using some type of digital format (PPT, Glogster, Prezi, etc.). This assignment will use the research conducted for the research paper as the foundation, but you will also need to use your textbook and other course materials, as well as outside research.
The following sections must be included in the presentation. Please use the label provided for each section to label your slides for that section.

Section 1: Disability Information and Needs Assessment

A summary of the disability with generous detail. Be sure to touch on the impacts of the disability on all domains of development in detail. This section can be easily adapted from your research paper.

Section 2: Early Intervention Information

Information about early intervention for this disability. Include indicators for referral, what makes children eligible for services, and common assessments performed. This section can also be easily adapted from your research paper.

Section 3: Instructional Strategies

Three or more common instructional strategies commonly used for this disability, and at least two assistive technologies available for use. The purpose and use of these should be described and explained in detail.

Section 4: Supplemental Information for Parents and Teachers

List of supplemental items for parent and teacher support (at least five of the following: books for children or adults, support groups or multimedia resources). Each item should be described and explained in your own words.

Section 5 (Final Slide): References

These should provided APA Style on the last slide or portion of your presentation. Web-based references are permitted, but be sure they are from high-quality, reliable sources. For help discerning quality Websites, you might review the following article: https://www.whoishostingthis.com/resources/credible-sources