Discuss Seizure Precautions

Discuss Seizure Precautions.

Seizure Precautions

It is a final academic paper for the subject of Fundations of Nursing in a Master of Science of Nursing program.Format must be in APA style, 6th edition. Font: Times New Roman size 12.

In-text citations : exact textual quotations are not allowed since it is a Master level program.They must be all paraphrased and the paper will be checked for plagiarism on the online application Turn it in.

Attached is the Grading Rubric you should use as guidance. You will find attached too the excerpt from the text book and some articles with information on the topic you could use too.


  • Introduction (one page)
  • Literature Review.
  • Body (4 pages)
  • References ( Must be at least 5 references with no more than 5 years from now. It means, from 2013 up to present.) As new research has increased our understanding of epilepsy and the challenges patients with
    epilepsy face, the role of the nurse as an educator and advocate has grown. This article, the second in a
    two-part series, addresses the most important aspects of assessing and caring for patients with epilepsy—
    highlighting the seizure first-aid instructions that all family members of a patient with epilepsy should have;
    the teaching points to share with parents of young children with epilepsy; and online epilepsy resources for
    patients, family members, and health care professionals. The authors also discuss current medical, surgical,
    neurostimulatory, and dietary approaches to epilepsy treatment.
    Keywords: epilepsy, pharmacologically refractory epilepsy, seizure, self-management, status epilepticus,

Discuss Seizure Precautions

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