Discussing stereotypes prejudice and discrimination evaluation

Discussing stereotypes prejudice and discrimination evaluation.

For the written Research Paper you will write your paper discussing stereotypes prejudice and discrimination. By completing your own research, you will analyze various components of discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes and discuss the impact these have in the real world.

Discussing stereotypes prejudice and discrimination evaluation

The criteria for evaluating the research paper will include: 1. Content: scholarly/theoretical review, fully covers all components 2. Application of source material: connect research with course material concepts and theories, comprehensive research literature review 3. Integration: application of course material and research for real world events and video, evidence of critical analysis 4. Personal insight/reaction: apply research to personal experiences and demonstrate new insights. Reaction to literature and to required video. 5. Organization/Grammar/APA format: coherent (ideas flow clearly), concise, clarity of presentation. Technical writing skills, appropriate grammar and writing style, APA formatted reference page and in-text citations.

The purpose of this Research project is to demonstrate your ability to

Analyze and synthesize researched information about stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination and discuss how it impacts individuals and groups

Discuss the required video, https://www.ted.com/talks/paul_bloom_can_prejudice_ever_be_a_good_thing#t-787329 and the impact genetics and environment has on biases and prejudices .
Evaluate prejudice and discrimination in the real world and analyze the impact of stereotyping, prejudices and discrimination.

Include this article into your sources: https://nobaproject.com/textbooks/new-textbook-85ab2831-df95-4ace-99ff-a115b94be5d9/modules/prejudice-discrimination-and-stereotyping

Discussing stereotypes prejudice and discrimination evaluation

Research these topics and address all these questions below in your paper:
Compare and contrast the concepts: prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination?

What does the author, Paul Bloom, say in the required video about prejudices and biases? Please make sure to describe specific parts of the video.

According to the literature and research, why might we innately be prone to stereotyping and prejudices? How might stereotyping and also prejudices be part of a survival mechanism? What does the Evolutionary theory suggest is the role evolution plays in prejudices and biases?

According to literature and research, how does culture and learning play a role in prejudices, stereotyping, and racism? How does external factors, like religion, the news media, social media sites, politics, etc. play a role in stereotypes and also discrimination?

Firstly, what is Implicit Bias? How might implicit biases play a role in stereotyping, prejudices, discrimination and racism?
Secondly, what is the Social Identity theory and how does it relate to biases? What also is in-group vs. out-group, and how does it apply to prejudices, discrimination and racism?

Research Stereotype Threat.

Thirdly, what does the research show about how stereotype threat can impact individuals and groups of people and the way they behave and perform?

Fourthly, what are the effects of prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination on individuals, groups of people, and to our society as a whole?

Also, evaluate real world stereotyping, prejudices and/or discrimination to discuss how these terms and concepts above may have played a role in real life situations and how the people involved were/are impacted? (see suggestions below)

Understanding that we all have innate and/or learned prejudice/bias, what does the research suggest we can do to combat them and also make them less influential?

Lastly, what is your own reaction to the video and the research? Where do you believe we get our prejudices from? Also describe your own personal prejudices and biases and evaluate where you might have adopted these biases. (This is the only time in your paper where you will write in the 1st person, please only add 1-2 paragraphs for this section).

Discussing stereotypes prejudice and discrimination evaluation

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