Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Abnormal Psychology Paper (see syllabus for due date)

This paper will demonstrate your understanding of the course specific learning competencies covered in Abnormal Psychology.

Course Objectives: 1. Demonstrate a comprehension of the historical and a current perspective on abnormal behavior and psychopathy. 

Collegewide Competency: #7-Analyze human diversity

Choose your topic

Choose a topic in your text book that you would like to research. In the discussion post your first and second choice. If you would like to choose something that is not listed in your text book you will need to discuss it with me first. Please choose a topic that you are unfamiliar with.


This is an important submission of this semester worth 100 points. In addition to the directions, please review the grading rubric prior to writing your paper. Use the APA Style CENTRAL to complete this assignment in addition to the other resources you have been given. It is advised that you make appointments with the writing center early in the semester as well as use peer help to proof read your work before submission. All work must be completed on your own, however, guidance from the writing center and proof reading is highly recommended.

Please find an explanation of a literature review on the Online Purdue Writing Center:


Create an account in APA Style CENTRAL (The directions are in the Start Here module. You will find it using the following links: Library > Articles & More (Databases) > APA Style Central.  When you get to the home page use the “I am a student link” and watch the “learn about APA Style CENTRAL”. I strongly suggest you start getting familiar with the Database now and not wait until you are writing your paper. You know where to find me if you have questions.


You will need to have the following components in your paper.  Remember, always follow APA formatting and ask questions when needed. Read and view all of the resources that have been provided for you throughout the course and ask for clarification if needed.

A general structure for your paper is provided below;

  • Title Page (1 page) with running head and page numbers (Include all elements suggested by APA)
  • Abstract Page (1 page: 150-250 words)
  • Body of the Paper (3-5 pages, if you write the minimum amount it must be 3 full pages)
    • Use your paper title to begin your paper (do not use “Introduction”)
    • Use the headings listed below and center them
      • The Title
      • Abstract
      • Literature Review
      • Discussion (do not use “Conclusions”)
      • References
    • Use both direct and indirect quotes as necessary and cite according to APA formatting. You will need a minimum of one citation per reference and 5 references.
  • Reference Page (1 page)
  • You will need five appropriate resources for this paper. Your references will include your text book, three peer reviewed journal articles, and one book discussing the topic no more than 5 years old and written by a professional (meaning the author holds a Masters or Doctorate Degree). You may use an additional peer reviewed article if you do not want to use a book. Each reference must be cited (direct or indirect quote) in the paper at least one time. It is more than likely that you will require more. DO NOT put all of your citations at the end of the paragraph and do not cite everything. If more than 20% of your paper is cited it is considered plagiarized. If you need help please contact the library and they will assist you or visit me during office hours.
  • Do not use any website (.com, .org, .gov or Wikipedia) as reference material


This paper will summarize and synthesize the scientific literature on a clinical diagnosis of your choice. Your goal is to organize your content in a meaningful way and present material clearly and concisely. Each reference must be cited within the body of text as supporting material. In addition to content, you will be graded on grammar, mechanics, format and style.

Please discuss the following in the body of your paper:

  • Following the title of your paper (2 paragraphs)
    • Introduce your topic
    • What is the clinical diagnosis you are discussing?
  • Following the Literature Review heading
    • Describe the problem, the symptoms, diagnosis, and assessment.
  • Explain what has been said or done regarding this diagnosis.
  • What treatments are used to manage the diagnosis?
  • Discussion
  • This is where you will summarize the paper.
  • Discuss how the research might guide psychologist in practice.
  • You are not reinventing the wheel. Instead reiterate the suggestions from the research.