Essay about Alcohol

I need to write an essay about alcohol and need to have 8 credible sources
 I just need 10 paragraphsIn the introduction paragraph explain the orders of the sources and any subtopics; it’s a little preview of what will be talked about in the body paragraphs and then the thesis is a synthesis of everything you learned in the body paragraphs; a conclusion of all evidence together. In the first body paragraph it’s going to be about why teenagers drink alcohol. Second paragraph how many teenagers drink alcohol. Third paragraph how it affects the brain. Fourth paragraph how it can damage family relationships or friendships. Fifth paragraph how it affects your school work or how it affects college students. Sixth paragraph how it affects your behavior and personality. Seventh paragraph is the solution. The conclusion (2 paragraphs) is where I have to expand And explain the significance of learning about the information about alcohol in the body paragraphs. Four of the sources need to be a magazine article, a newspaper article, an academic journal, and a webpage from a website (credible sources) and the remaining 4 sources can be from the genre of your choosing as long as they are credible sources.