Explain what the scores mean using what youve read about the Big Five and McCrae and Costas theory.

Explain what the scores mean using what youve read about the Big Five and McCrae and Costas theory..

Take this simulated NEO PI-R inventory or have a friend take it and save the results. Explain what the scores mean, using what youve read about the Big Five and McCrae and Costas theory. Tests of certain Big Five factors may appear among selection tests for some jobs. Which of these factors would be most useful for choosing job applicants to hire in the career that you or your friend (whoever took the test) plan to pursue? Why?

Discuss with your group and comment on another students post ….
This is what the students said
After taking the NEO PI-R inventory it was interesting to see that how I perceived myself in all of these categories are in fact accurate for the most part. As for extraversion, I never believed that I was one that was all out there, leading the party, but at the same time I wasnt one to not go. I enjoy having a good time and being around people, but I also like my quiet time. The extraversion aspect showed this exactly. My cheerfulness and friendliness and activity level scored pretty high, but my excitement seeking was low. I like to do fun things, but I do not necessarily go out of my way to find excitement. My agreeableness scored very high overall. Although I prefer things to go my way, I am not opposed to finding a solution that benefits everyone. I am very cooperative and trustworthy, however when it comes to sympathy I scored very low. This is something that I knew from the beginning. I am good at helping people who are going through an emotional time, but I personally do not have a tender heart who can sympathize with everything. My conscientiousness was very high, and that was predictable. I am one that puts a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. I have goals set high so that I push myself to reach them. I know exactly what I want to do in my life and the path to get there, so I do everything I can above and beyond so that my life goals are met. The test showed exactly this. My neuroticism score was not exactly what I expected. I knew going in that everyone had some level of neurosis, and mine was mainly in anxiety, but I did not feel that I would score average. I honestly felt that I would score below average. It was interesting to see that my anger and vulnerability were very high. I did not think that I panicked under pressure and felt helplessness, however putting the pieces together my anxiety under stress would make my vulnerability much higher. When seeing my openness to experience score, I immediately laughed. I am more of a schedule type of person, not so much go with the flow. However, seeing my scores, I scored a 1 in many places. Although I do not initiate adventure, I am always done for one. So seeing the score of 1, really confused me. However I do agree with the fact that I am more down-to-earth and practical but the scores were MUCH lower than expected.

Costa and McCrae did a great job utilizing personality to create 5 factors that help determine the type of person that someone entails. After taking this test and reading into each category of personality that Costa and McCrae used, it is very interesting to see how much our personality influences who we are, even if we do not believe so. This theory is able to predict our behaviors very well. Costa and McCrae came up with the idea that individuality, origin, development, and structure all make up who we are today. It is also interesting to see that although some people may think that who we are is due to biological factors solely, the environment that we grow up in plays just as big of a role. The type of person that we are as a young child can easily change across our life span. Our personality can become more stable as we settle down in life.

My goal in life is to become an Occupational Therapist for children with special needs in particular. This is a job that I have had set in my mind forever. Children with special needs hold a huge part in my heart, and I have always wanted to do something to give back to them. No matter how bad of a day I am having, they can make me smile instantly. With that being said, I think that most important factor that is taken into consideration when hiring someone for this career would be Agreeableness. When it comes to working in the special needs community it takes a certain someone. You must be calm and understanding, because frustration can easily take over. You must have trust in these kids that they will succeed, it may just take some time. You must have high morals, these kids need to be able to relate to you and gain your trust and understanding. Altruistic people enjoy helping others, and working in the special needs community is exactly that. Helping gives these kids a more enjoyable life. Cooperation is also key. When a kid first comes to therapy, there is a reason they are they. That is something that an OT must truly understand. It is going to take the kid some time to adjust to a new environment and learn why they are there. Cooperation between the kid and the therapist is ideal for success. Modesty is also very important, we cannot think that we are better than anyone else. As an OT, you are there to help the child and family, instead of being there just to make money. Some of the kids that attend OT are suffering in life. They have disabilities that range from very high functioning to in a wheelchair and nonverbal. It is important to be able to sympathize with the child, while still maintaining professionalism while helping them!

Explain what the scores mean using what youve read about the Big Five and McCrae and Costas theory.

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