Explainthe benefits of accurately documenting the As-Is process.

Explainthe benefits of accurately documenting the As-Is process..

Process Improvement Opportunities  NO PLAGIARISM!


Create an As-Is Process Flowchart for a process that requires improvement of your selected organization. The organization is GMC.


Explain the benefits of accurately documenting the As-Is process.


Research your organization that needs improvement and your benchmark organization.


Write a 700-word paper in which you identify and explain the process improvement opportunities and change management process and map the current AS-IS process. 


Address each of the following in your paper:


·         Explain why process flowcharts to map the As-Is process is important to problem solving.


·         Use the matrix example given below to identify and benchmark process improvement categories:


o    Identify and explain the following terms:


§  Reduced lead-time/cycle-time


§  Improved quality


§  Elimination of waste


§  Reduced total cost process improvements.


o    Use the process above to benchmark these four categories against Toyota Production Systems (TPS) lean enterprise best practices.


·         Describe challenges the selected organization may face in implementing the areas for improvement.


·         Explain the importance of the current As-Is Process.


·         Identify potential consequences of incorrectly completing the As-Is flowchart


·          Map at least two of the Matrix As-Is process improvement categories for your selected organization.


·         Use flowcharting process map boxes (spaghetti and/or swim lane) and at least two decision trees/blocks in the charting. 


·         Include your As-Is Flowchart as an exhibit or figure in your paper.


Process Improvement Categories

Definitions (Identify and Explain)

Toyota (Best Practice) Description

Reduced Lead-Time / Cycle-Time
Improved Quality
Elimination of Waste
Reduced Total Cost




The flow chart can be made in PowerPoint


 Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Use a minimum of 2 different references that are not from the same online text, library book or article. 



Explainthe benefits of accurately documenting the As-Is process.

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