First Amendment and New Media Reflection

First Amendment and New Media Reflection Guidelines In an essay format without bullets address the following questions. Students are welcome to use sub-headings, however, ensure that your paper is formatted as an essay rather than a question and answer format. Address the following questions in your essay and submit your paper to the drop box on blackboard by the due date.  Provide an overview of the state of the state of journalism and the news industry. In your opinion what constitutes or represents journalism and information sharing?  What does the first amendment mean to you? What should be the role of the first amendment in today’s journalism and information sharing age?  Using the five rights protected under the first amendment as foundation, explain the role of social networking sites and new technologies in today information age and news business.  Provide an overview of what communication looked like before the introduction of new technologies and social networking and provide supporting materials/citations for your thoughts.  Describe two advantages and two disadvantages of the state of today’s media culture and industry.  What should press freedom look like in today’s media age? Support your arguments with sources  What freedoms should the people have concerning communication and information sharing?  What role should government play in the business of communication and information? Acceptable Paper Format  Paper must be typed, double spaced with 1-inch margins all around and 12point font size maximum.  Students must provide a minimum of 4 references or citations and include those parenthetically throughout the sections of your paper. Don’t just list the citations on your reference page at the end of the paper. Show how you used them in your paper by specifying where they apply in the body of the paper.  Citations and References must follow correct APA style.  Your paper must be a minimum of 3 pages long not including cover and reference pages