Globalisation of education in the nursing field – communication

Globalisation of education in the nursing field – communication.

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Combo order for a PPT and Reaction paper which I will turn into a blog.

The course is globalization of education.
The question is based on the challenges faced by globalization of education in nursing. The topic in particular is a PPT on communication.

The first section is the actual question followed by the second part which is my response to my lecturer outlining how I will answer this question:

Actual question:

This task is about the practical (day-to-day) things that can be implemented into a subject to address the challenges faced by the globalisation of education.

Review and evaluate an existing subject that you are teaching or that is of interest to you (within the adult, vocational or higher education sector). Examine different elements of the subject (e.g. design, implementation, assessment, etc.) and identify components of the subject that would benefit from a redesign to better address the challenges faced by globalisation of education in the subject. Remember to draw on evidence from the scholarly literature from Google only, and your own reflections. Please include references in text also APA style.

The review and evaluation should include:

An analysis of your reason for redesigning the particular elements identified

An analysis of how the redesigned elements address the challenges faced by the globalisation of education. Present your findings in a way suitable for communicating with a wider audience.
The existing subject I would like to evaluate and review is the session I deliver regularly on ‘communication’ to all nurses (student / enrolled / registered nurses) during orientation.

With worldwide communications being an important aspect of globalisation, the redesign of my sessions would benefit with a number of changes based on the implementation of current technology. Learning to effectively communicate with patients and also the inter-professional multidisciplinary teams may be enhanced with the incorporation of simulation demonstrating real communication issues nurses may encounter within a controlled environment.

I have been presenting these sessions in a didactic manner without the use of ICT to nursing staff. As a result from reviewing the feedback from participants, I have been looking to review the delivery of these sessions by redesigning the PPT itself and incorporate role play to address different learning styles whilst attempting to further engage the audience. I have also extended the allocated time for this session from 40 mins to a 2 hour session. I would like to redesign my sessions to further incorporate simulation to allow all staff in understanding and experience effective communication, presenting my findings in the form of a written blog for this assignment.

The assessment stage will remain the same as the changes relate to the design and implementation of my sessions.The content being presented is current. I will need to redesign the PPT presentation to minimise words, utilise more pictures and diagrams and incorporate the use of role plays using my work colleagues, not members of the audience. Lastly, the session will conclude with groups participating in simulation sessions in understanding effective communication within healthcare i.e. inter-professional and patient scenarios.

Globalisation of education in the nursing field – communication

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