How did the Cuban Missile Crisis nearly bring the United States and the Soviet Union into the brinks of war?

First, your paper must construct and answer a research question based on a topic that pertains to the United States history between 1877-2009. A list of topics will be provided. For instance, “How did the American Revolution effect women?” Second, the introductory paragraph must contain an attention getter (hook) and a thesis statement. The thesis is located in the middle or end of the paragraph. The thesis expresses your main argument concisely and explains why your argument is historically significant, while linked to your research question. For example, “The American Revolution had a negative impact on women because of the belief that women lacked the rational faculties of men. In a nation that was to be guided by reasonable republican citizens, women were imagined to have no place in politics and were thus firmly relegated to the home.” Or “The American Revolution paved the way for important political changes for women. As ‘Republican Mothers,’ women contributed to society by raising future citizens and nurturing virtuous husbands. Consequently, women played a far more important role in the new nation’s politics than they had under British rule.” Third, the body paragraphs will support the thesis and use both primary as well as secondary sources to back up your argument. You will be required to use at least two (2) primary sources and (3) secondary sources from credible sources; one book/eBook, one source from the ECC databases, and two primary sources – the rest are up to you as long as they come from credible source. Avoid using blogs, YouTube, “wiki” sites, Prezi, etc. These sources need to be appropriately used and cited throughout the body of the paper. Avoid block quotes (4 lines or more)