How is it diagnosed and who does the diagnosis

How is it diagnosed and who does the diagnosis.

  • Research: Each student will select a medical disorder or chromosome abnormality to present to the class by developing a fact sheet.   The student will also share information will be presented in the form of fact sheet that students can keep for later reference.  The following information will be covered in the fact sheet and presented to the class:  DUE PER SIGNUP SHEET
  • Name of the disorder
  • How is it diagnosed and who does the diagnosis
  • Major body systems affected and how development is affected (cover all developmental domains)
  • Implications for care of the child in the home and school (what medical issues may arise in the classroom)What would need to be included in an Individual Health Care Plan
  • Educational implications (what areas of the curriculum might be impacted), what interventions are beneficial?
  • What modifications to the curriculum and classroom environmentmay be needed as well as assistive technology/related services that may be included in the IEP or IFSP
  • Contacts in the local community for family support/ medical assistance and assistive technology devices and at least 5 web sites or internet resources(these should not be the same as the community resources list) that can be used for future reference.  The community contacts must be local.

Depending upon what disorder you choose, the fact sheet will be anywhere between 3-4 pages.  Refer to the attachment to the syllabus for possible topics, you can also choose  a topic you might be interested in, just check with me first to make sure you will be able to access enough information.  You should use at least 3-5 credible resources, they must be peer reviewed to gather information about the disorder.  Do not use your text book.    Cite those in the fact sheet that you prepare using APA style citation.   DO NOT CUT AND PASTE FROM OTHER SITES.


How is it diagnosed and who does the diagnosis

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