How should I respond to these scientific findings?

How should I respond to these scientific findings?.

You must collect eight articles per nine weeks. These articles must be about or

related to some aspect of environmental science (see Possible Topics below).

They must be at least one paragraph long and selected from reputable, primary

news sources. Each article must use the Google Drive format.

2. Each page must have a heading which includes the following:

a. Title of the Article

b. Author of the Article

c. Date of the Article

d. Source of the Article

3. For each of the articles, you must type a 1/2 page (single-spaced) response in

the following way:

a. A one-sentence introduction: Why did you select the article that you are

going to summarize?

b. A one-paragraph abstract: In your own words – remember, do not use

any three words in succession from your article unless you present the

information as a quote — summarize the articles main points. Within your

abstract be sure to pay special attention to environmental science terms,

concepts, laws, or people.

c. A short reaction statement (2 sentences): Please address two of the

following questions as part of a personal reaction to your article:

i. Why is the science research in this article important/not important?

ii. How will these findings affect me now and/or in the future?

iii. How does this article connect to what you are learning in the


iv. How should I respond to these scientific findings?

v. What questions do I still have about this topic?

How should I respond to these scientific findings?

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