Immigrant Children at School

For this essay you will need to read:

Selma Berrol’s “Immigrant Children at School” pages 109-122. The essay is located in the module “Writing Instructions”

Write a two to three page essay, answering the following prompt:

What challenges did immigrant children experience in the nineteenth and early twentieth century public school system? In your opinion, did the schools succeed in completely assimilating the children?

Paper Instructions:

All papers must be two to three pages long. You may go longer if needed.

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Papers must have 1 inch margins and use a reasonable size font that is/or looks like Times New Roman 12’.

All papers must use MLA or Chicago Manuel of Style for citations and references.

The paper must include a biography/works cited page. The works cited page does not count as a page in your paper. Below are the works cited information for both articles. You may cut and paste this for your works cited/bibliography page.

Here is how to write this source for the bibliography/works cited page.

Berrol, Selma. “Immigrant Children at School” in The Social Fabric: American Life from the Civil War to the Present vol 11. Ed., 8 by John Cary, Julius Weinberg, Thomas Hartshorne, and Robert Wheeler. New York City, New York: Longman, 1999, 109-122.