Implementation and evaluation of Teaching Session

Implementation and evaluation of Teaching Session.

? Produce evidence of your teaching session in action in a video clip. Clip should not exceed 20 minutes, you only need to upload approximately 10 minutes of the section that you choose to provide. So choose the best section of your teaching session that demonstrates your implementation of specific teaching and learning strategies.

Further down on this page you will see a link and instructions on how to upload your videos.( I will do it this part )
Activity 2: Reflection on Teaching (2,500 words)
(this part you will do it)
Reflect on your learning. Your written reflection should demonstrate the following:
? Examination of own values and ideas about teaching and learning in the light of recent learning and literature provide rationale and support with literature).
? Critical reflection on the how the insights you have gained from this activity have impacted on your capacity to develop teaching plans that will promote positive learning environments and learning experiences for future teaching sessions (provide rationale and support with literature)
? Appropriate reference to your piece of evidence to illustrate points made in your critique

1. Using 5 Rs of Critical Reflection

2. Will you read my teaching plan template to understand what is my topic.
3. I give you an example to see how should be look like and use the same headings ( do not copy from the example).


Type of Learning Environment: The Classroom as a Teaching Platform

Title of teaching program: Diabetic Foot Wound Care

Purpose of the Teaching Session
1. To enable the student nurses to outline and provide the relevant explanations for the various concepts involved in diabetic foot wound care as a nursing activity.
2. To give the learner the necessary skills in handling patients with diabetes suffering from the health condition so that they engage in evidence-based practices.
3. To help the learners understand the various dynamics of diabetic foot wound care in relation to nursing practice from the social context.
4. To give the students an opportunity to develop professionalism in practice to improve the health outcomes of the diabetic foot wound patients.
Benchmark Information
Learners entry level
Undergraduate Nursing Students
Learners? special needs

Implementation and evaluation of Teaching Session

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