Indian american history 22 | English homework help

Indian american history 22 | English homework help.


Since the first exam, we have discussed early contacts between Native Americans and Europeans.  Among the themes in the lectures is the problem of intercultural misunderstanding and confusion, and the rejection of Indians by whites and, likewise, the rejection of whites by American Indians.  Yet, both sides also adopted things from each other.

In a six-page essay, discuss how contact with Europeans disrupted Native American cultures in terms of population, trade, land ownership, diplomacy, warfare, and religion. 

Where appropriate, make distinctions between the Spanish, French, English, and, to a lesser extent, the Dutch.  Be sure to include as many relevant sources (primarily films and documentaries) as possible.

Name of the movies:

· The Devil’s Miner

· Last of the Mohicans

· The Mission

The readings are attached

Videos to watch:

1. “Condemned by the Catholic Church,”

2. “Father Serra, Saint or Sinner?”

Indian american history 22 | English homework help

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