INFANT Child Development-MLA

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INFANT Child Development

INFANT Child Development-MLA



In Weeks 1 and 5 of this class, you drafted and revised your initial philosophy of teaching in infant/toddler education and care statement. Now it’s time to make the final revisions to those sections and add your 3rd and final page to complete your philosophy statement.  One completed, this is a document that you should feel confidant sharing with potential employers in a job interview.  The content from this document can even be used to help you answer numerous questions during an job interview for an infant/toddler care teacher.


Part 1. (making updates, edits, or changes to your previous draft) (PDF Below)

Update your initial draft with any new thinking or learning from the last several weeks. Be sure to add a citation or connection from the readings with page numbers (PDFs Below) to support your responses.

As a reminder, your initial draft should have responded to the following prompts in no more than 2 pages:

1. Your perception of teaching. Describe what teaching means to you and your views on the role of the infant/toddler care teacher.

2. Your perception of learning. Try and describe your thoughts on how infants/toddlers learn and develop. You can reference particular philosophies or teaching approaches (these can come from your reading) or simply relate your own thoughts and opinions.

3. Your teaching goals. You will describe your goals for young children and what you can do as an infant/toddler care teacher to support early learning and development in a group care environment (this can be center-based and/or family childcare). This is where you tell the reader why you teach the way that you do!

4. The importance of the environment. Describe your thoughts on the the importance of the environment in infant/toddler education and care. What exactly makes a learn environment great?  (PDF Below Learning Environments – An Introduction)

5. The importance of working with families. Tell us why you think it’s important for infant/toddler care teachers to include families in their work with very young children.  In your opinion, what’s the best way to do this?  (PDF Below Chapter 1- The Development of Programs with Families)

6. Your thoughts on quality. Discuss the difference between meeting basic standards for licensing and high quality care. What does it mean to provide high quality care? How will you ensure that your education and care practices represent the highest quality practices?  (PDF Below Chapter 5- Guidelines for Operating Infant/Toddler Programs)

INFANT Child Development-MLA

Part 2 (Responded to the prompts and adding the final page to your philosophy)

1. Supporting learning and growth in the developmental domains.This may take you more than one paragraph. Tell us how you will effectively support children’s growth  and learning in the the domains.  What do children learn from your caregiving routines and intentional planning/actions throughout their day?  (PDF Below Chapter 6- Guidelines for facilitating learning and development with infants and toddlers & PDF Below The Environment- Schedule and Routines)

2. Including everyone.Consider children with different developmental needs. How will you include everyone?  How do you accommodate or individualize what you will do to meet the different needs of every child? (PDF Below Inclusion Works)

Longer is not always better. At this point, your draft should now be 2 pages (single spaced). Any longer than that and you may need to consider editing it down.