Lesson 6 | Accounting homework help

Lesson 6 | Accounting homework help.

Assignment – Final Report

Lesson Six Assignment Instructions – Final Report


Lesson Six is due at the end of course week fifteen. This Assignment has different requirements than Lessons One through Five Assignments.

The report contains these graded activities:

I. Final Report Construct:Administrative Requirements:Transmittal Letter
Title Page
Course Summary Section Obtain ISS approval of the Final Report
Submit ISS certified internship hours worked
Submit an Intern performance report from ISS (not more than two or three paragraphs)
Submit the Final Report as a professionally organized
SMART Objective sub-section requirements (for each Objective):
Objective Title.
Objective description including a description of the objective and data collecting. Available from ISS SMART briefing materials.
Final analysis, discuss where is the status of objective completion, what is learned, and if not completed the objective. If not completed discuss reasons.
Graph and explain raw data using a graphing method and show raw data and proof of completion based on the graphic presentation of raw data.
“So-What,” a single paragraph of 4 to 6 sentences.
Cite all sources, would expect a couple of outside references.
Each objective section not to exceed a total of two pages.
Additional Annex Requirements:A statement containing work/volunteer hours for the course period.
Performance evaluation on accomplishing SMART objectives by ISS.II. The Final Report includes the following components and content in this order: TRANSMITTAL LETTER (5 points)
TITLE PAGE (5 points): assignment title, plagiarism statement, and course information
SECTION I Executive Summary and General DiscussionExecutive Summary (ES) of the entire report —not to exceed (NTE) a one-page followed by a page break
ES should answer this…if the decision-maker only reads ES would the decision-maker want to move on through the report, or could they decide based on ES?
General discussion of the internship activities. Note possible lessons learned, SMART Objective critical impact on internship site, and other important or so-what moments —-2 to 2.5 pages followed by a page break.
SECTION II SMART Objectives reporting (Report results on each SMART objective is a sub-section below using the previous SMART objective format above).  Sub-sections: Each sub-section should exceed two pages, including a graphic representation of results and citations followed by a page break. SMART Objective One (use the annexed format with concluding analysis)
SMART Objective Two(use the annexed format with concluding analysis)
SMART Objective Three (use the annexed format with concluding analysis)
SECTION III Administrative Submission Sub-sections: (prepared by Intern) page break following each sub-sections ISS statements submit hours worked and performance evaluations
ISS comments on SMART Objectives and value to organization
ISS viewing of final report certification.


  • Final Internship Report 10 to 15 pages
  • Transmittal memo, cover page, and references not in page count
  • Submit the Final Report using course naming criteria.

Lesson 6 | Accounting homework help

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