Letter of inquiry 1 | English homework help

Letter of inquiry 1 | English homework help.


This is a Minor Assignment due on Day 7. There are 20 points possible.

Just as it is helpful to get feedback from your instructor before committing to a topic for a major project, grant writers often reach out with a letter of inquiry to funding agencies to pitch their idea before writing a full proposal. This step can help you better understand the values and goals of the organization and whether they are interested in the type of project you are proposing. If not, you can seek funding elsewhere or revise your proposal to increase your chances of gaining support.

Write a one-page letter of inquiry addressed to Tigers in Action. In the letter, identify the funding opportunity (Community Outreach Grant), describe the community need, and summarize your project idea.

This exercise will give you additional practice writing a business letter, help you clarify your proposal topic, and give me the opportunity to offer feedback on your topic early in the process.

Letter of inquiry 1 | English homework help

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