Linear noise model

Linear noise model.

Selection of an image sensor

In Section 3.4.5 we discussed a simple linear noise model for imaging sensors, which proved worthwhile. You have two cameras at hand with the following noise characteristics:

Camera A = 1.0 + 0.1g

Camera B = 2.5 + 0.025g

Both cameras deliver digital signals with 12-bit resolution. Thus gray values g between 0 and 4095 can be measured. Both cameras have a quantum efficiency of 0.5. Which of the two cameras is better suited for the following tasks:

  1. Measurement of high gray values with the best possible relative resolution
  2. Measurement of the smallest possible irradiation. In order to decision correctly, compute the standard deviation at the highest digital gray value (g = 4095) and at the lowest value (dark image, g = 0). Further compute the number of photons that are equal to the standard deviation of the dark image.

Linear noise model

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