Linux implementation proposal | Computer Science homework help

Linux implementation proposal | Computer Science homework help.

You’ve won the business! Faster Computing has agreed to the project. As the final stage of preimplementation, you have been asked to produce a training guide that will demonstrate how to install Linux and provide an overview of several common commands, as follows:

  • Use a hypervisor of your choice to install Linux. Many hypervisors are available, such as VirtualBox, which is a free download. In addition, as part of UMGC’s agreement with VMware, you can download VMware Workstation for free. See below for specific screenshot requirements.
  • Demonstrate command-line operations that will provide the following information:
    • A listing of files in a directory and common file attributes
    • The current directory (hint: also known as the present working directory)
    • Create a file, then copy it to a different directory
    • Create a second file and move it to a different directory
    • Remove the first file, as well as the copy you created
    • The manual page for a given command
    • Create a text file, then use an editor to modify the content. Then display the content of the modified file
    • Show running processes on the system. Demonstrate how to search for a specific process
    • Forcibly stop a running process

The deliverable for the final phase of the project is a written paper with screenshots. Use the Training Guide Template to record your work.

There is no minimum or maximum page requirement, but all of the requirements must be met. The installation portion should include at least three screenshots showing the progress of your installation. Each screenshot should be accompanied by a brief explanation of what you did. For each of the command-line operations, include at least one screenshot along with a short explanation of the commands used. 

Linux implementation proposal | Computer Science homework help

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