Local Women Leader Profile

Reading materials:
1. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/austin-city-manager-women_n_7274754
2. https://www.npr.org/2015/07/23/425608745/from-upspeak-to-vocal-fry-are-we-policing-young-womens-voices
3. Julia Wood_Gendered Lives, Chapter 12: Gendered Power and Violence
4. Cunningham, C., Crandall, M., & Dare, A. (2017). Gender, communication, and the leadership gap. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, Chapter 3-7

Pease include the following 3 elements in the paper.
1) introduce the person to us,

2)identify what kind of leadership style this person relies on most, use an example from the interview to support your claim and connect to course material,
(Transformational Leadership, please have supporting literatures for this part)

3) What was surprising to you about what this person had to
say. Why? If nothing surprised you, apply two concepts from the readings that you noticed from the results of your interview.

You can find the information on this local leader I interviewed at the attachments. Please use the information and revise it to fit the paper requirements.