management and Human resources

This is the Third and Final Critical Thinking Paper.

Please note: Due to the nature of the Critical Thinking Assignments, you may use an Essay Question or a Q/A Format

Check for spelling, grammar, incomplete sentences, punctuation, correct verbiage, always write in Third Person (never First), and in-text citations with a complementary Reference (in APA format)

Working individually, students should complete the “Critical Thinking” questions at the end of Chapter 11 (Page 504). This assignment is designed to incorporate the unifying concepts of this course: PARTNERSHIPS between Line Leaders and HR Specialists vs. separate disjointed functional responsibilities held by each. Each paper should be a minimum of 4 pages and comprehensively incorporate ALL of the questions in the assignment, as well as the associated readings.(8 Total Questions)

Week Six: Chapter Eleven “Critical Thinking”

1. Does money motivate employees? Why or why not?
2. Why should compensation systems be equitable? How can an organization design an equitable compensation system?

3. Compare and contrast the four job evaluation methods. Give an example of an organization in which each of the four methods might provide an optimal strategic fit.

4. Discuss the pros and cons of employee pay being fixed versus variable and dependent on performance. How might such decisions impact recruiting, motivation, and retention?

5. Analyze your current job responsibilities. Determine whether the method by which you are compensated is appropriate.

6. Is performance-based pay effective? Why or why not? How can performance-based pay systems be better designed to ensure optimal results?

Reading 11.1

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of organizational policies that mandate pay secrecy? Consider this question from the perspective of managers, employees, and owners. Is pay secrecy a good practice?

Reading 11.2

8. What obstacles exist to developing pay-for-performance plans in the public sector? How can these obstacles best be overcome? Do public sector pay-for-performance plans differ from those found in the private sector?

Please use a Title Page (APA Format). References must be properly in-text cited, with a separate Reference Page. Follow general APA writing guidelines, to include but not limited to: correct grammar; proper sentence structure; proper punctuation; write in Third Person not First Person; do not use slang, abbreviations, or contractions. Review Grading Notes from Week 2 and Week 4 Critical Thinking Assignments. Think and write as the Graduate Student that you are.