Measurable goals | English homework help

Measurable goals | English homework help.


A good program–and a good proposal–has clear and measurable goals and a means to assess the project’s success in achieving those goals. Write a post that lists measurable goals for the Project Plan you will present in your proposal.

Meeting the community need you describe will be your big goal, but big goals are only met through smaller, specific steps. You should identify several smaller goals that contribute to your big goal. Evaluate your goals before you post them, using the acronym SMART:

  • Specific (What exactly will you accomplish and for whom?)
  • Measurable (Is it quantifiable? How can you assess whether or not the goal has been met?)
  • Attainable (Can you realistically accomplish the goal in the time frame allotted and with the resources available?)
  • Relevant (Will this objective have an effect on meeting the larger community need?)
  • Timely (When will this objective be met?)

Measurable goals | English homework help

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