Media Company

Position Paper : Media Company As C&H point out, Comcast has established itself as a massively powerful media conglomerate because it “controls more of the wires coming into U.S. homes—for cable television, high speed Internet, and digital phone services—than any other media company” in addition to owning producers of film and television content like NBC and Universal Pictures (58). This amount of control over content and distribution is so important, our authors argue, because of today’s uncertain media environment, where options for viewing (broadcast TV, Internet streaming, DVR, etc.) are so varied (58). At the same time, though, this degree of control gives Comcast too much power, as it can charge its customers more for access to streaming services, like Netflix, that use a lot of data (58). This can thereby dissuade customers from using such services in favor of turning more to the content that Comcast itself provides. In your position paper, take the perspective of a media company trying to navigate the uncertainty of today’s media landscape. Select a company and chart the efforts it has taken to establish some measure of control or security, explaining why the decisions made were necessary. Comcast is just one example. You could also write from the perspective of a television network looking to draw advertisers and audiences via its content programming. Alternatively, you might consider why Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp and how this has established a greater amount of certainty or security for Facebook. You are free to choose whichever media company you like, but you must address the following in your paper: 1) the specific situation your company faces (i.e. the uncertainty you’re responding to); 2) the steps you have taken in response to this situation; and 3) why those steps will or have mitigated the uncertainty your company has faced. You must include three sources in your paper, using Chicago-style formatting for citations. Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, and printed on 8 ½ x 11 white paper. You will be graded on the clarity, insight, and organization of your writing and whether you sufficiently address all three aspects outlined in this prompt. Length: 3 pages