Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid.


Research the following websites and sites that you find on your own. After doing the research; submit a paper answering all of the the following questions. Please submit in APA format.

Because the names Medicare and Medicaid are so similar, people often get them confused. Medicare ( and Medicaid (

Compare and contrast Medicare and Medicaid in terms of eligibility, services, and funding.

Explain how both programs are accessed and describe what is covered under both (Medicare and Medicaid).

Explain the Affordable Care Act and who benefits from this program.

An older adult client needs long-term services and supports and wants to stay in her home. She is on Medicare and Medicaid and receives modest Social Security benefits. What resources would you pursue to assist her?

Think about a situation in which you might need elder resources (maybe a family member needs long-term services and supports, a friend is nearing retirement, or someone close to you has to make a healthcare decision). Find at least 3 to 5 websites that provide services for older adults –i.e.; and
and answer the following questions:

Which websites or resources were the most helpful to you? Why? What kinds of information were available, accessible, and most interesting to you? Were you able to find out what you needed or wanted to know?

Think about a service or product you could offer to older adult? Based on your



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Medicare and Medicaid

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