Mini case study under 3 pages 1.5 space all info below

Mini case study under 3 pages 1.5 space all info below.

please use info from attached file but please word differently

Using an accounting and financial perspective, focus on the proposals tendered and how each affects the negotiating parties. The paper is to be double (or 1.5) spaced and arround three (3) pages, using 2-3 recent, relevant references. Integrate one SLU core value into the mini-case analysis, explaining how it’s applicable. Points (up to one letter grade) will lost for failure to comply with the template. Use an “11” or “12” point font. Use these left margin headings:


(Introduce the topic and its background context to the reader. Be reasonably brief.)

Proposal Summaries

(Summarize each proposal in a few sentences.)

Proposal Effect on Rawhide’s Debt/Equity Ratio

(Explain the effect of each proposal on Rawhide’s debt/equity ratio. If a proposal doesn’t improve the ratio, explain why? If a proposal does improve the ratio, explain why? While a technically correct debt/equity ratio is always good, we are more interested in your reasoning behind the debt/equity ratio explanation. Generally, you can’t compute a ratio for each proposal.)

Decision Model & Recommendation

(Assign a probability of acceptance to each proposal, . Calculate an expected value for each decision. If you make assumptions, state them clearly. Make a recommendation, based on the expected value and other reasons presented in the case; here, you are making a central claim and providing evidence to support that claim.)

Mini case study under 3 pages 1.5 space all info below

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