Module 4-5 Topic Project Status Reporting

Module 4-5 Topic Project Status Reporting.

Part A: Module 4-5 Discussion Forum Each student will construct a post in approximately 850 words to the following questions and post on the Module discussion forums by the end of Module 5. Students will be graded individually on how students demonstrate/share theories and contribute to the general discussion of the topic within the group over weeks 7, 8 & 9.

Module 4-5 Topic: Project Status Reporting Identify effective status reports used in project management. Discuss the challenges and pitfalls of different status reports. Explain the difference between the status reports provided for teams, sponsors, and steering committee. Considering the given case study, how might these reports be applied?
Output: Module 4-5 discussion – provide a post by the end of Module 5.

The marks will be distributed as follows:

• 10 marks will be awarded for writing a program which successfully solves the given problem and displays the solution graphically.

• 10 marks will be awarded for the presentation of your program. Is it easy to read? Are there comments correctly describing the various components in both the script and any functions made. Is the program efficient? Does using the help function on your program adequately describe what it does and what is required from the user.

• 10 marks will be awarded for how user friendly your program is and your under-standing of it. Each student will come to the front of the class and demonstrate their program (See Canvas for presentation date). This will take less than 5 minutes and is for me to judge how well you understand your program and that it is your own work. Failure to demonstrate your program, on the date specified, will be interpreted as failure to submit and you will be awarded zero marks for the assignment.

On the next pages the modelling problem is set up for you so you don’t need to under-stand how to derive this model, you just need to apply the techniques you have learned in the MATLAB sessions to solve it in MATLAB. Your task is fully explained on page.

• Write a short Research Proposal

• Word count 2000 words (+1- 10%)

You are a Research Consultant working for a University. Your Manager has asked you to draw up a proposal for research for a future study.

The title/ research question of the study is: How has the 2020 corona virus outbreak affected [some aspect of] business/ management practice? You can adapt the question to focus on any aspect of business/ management that suitably fits your postgraduate degree programme (i.e. marketing, sales, SME, HRM, strategy, business operations and so on,.) e.g. How has the 2020 corona virus outbreak affected SME businesses in the UK? How has the 2020 corona virus outbreak affected business operations in the UK?

You are required to do the following – Write a proposal for research: • Include your adapted title/ question (from above) • Provide a set of feasible aims (at least two) and a set of SMART objectives for the proposed research • Provide a brief background to the research question and discuss the context (e.g. UK? Europe? China?) • Identify the relevant academic field, and the key topic within the field • Introduce the field, key definitions and key theory through a short literature review • Propose an appropriate research methodology including; research strategy (e.g. case study, action research etc), research design (longitudinal/ cross-sectional; mono-method/ mixed method etc), sampling strategy (probability/ non-probability), types of data collection tools and types of analysis.

• Consider any ethical issues and issues accessing organisations or research participants

• Highlight any challenges/ hurdles (e.g. ethics, access, participant response rate etc)

• Provide a timeline for research that is realistic and feasible.

Suggested word count for key sections

Introduction, research question, aims, objectives and background 500

Short Literature review 800

Methodology 500

Issues 150

Timeline 50

Generally, I often suggest our students to consider few “criteria” when selecting an entrepreneur for assignment 1:

• Should be current (not retired, still running/controlling the business)

• Should be an entrepreneur (he/she founded the business(es) himself/herself or with the team, not just a manager who is hired to run the business)

• From the specified list of 4 countries

• Have some good/insightful/inspiring stories to tell

• Information availability (as this assignment relies on secondary data)

• Possibility to apply relevant (entrepreneurship) theories.

If your chosen entrepreneur can somehow balance addressed those criteria, then I think it might be a good choice.

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Module 4-5 Topic Project Status Reporting

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